International Acrobatic Convention[]

"Draftboard for Structuredevelopment of an international Acrobatic Assosiation and an international Acrobaticconvention"


Certainly there are many causes, that a Acrobaticconvention in Croatia are labeled as "1. International Acrobatic Convention". And it's also clear that to name it is only half the work. For further development is necessary:

  1. Destinctive features to the national Acro-Cons
  2. Promotion for the Idea of an international Acro-Con
  3. Superior Organisation to coordinate long term ideas and realization of those ideas



free acrobats

"fun-acrobats", "popular-acrobats", etc.
free groups, not superior organisated yet
no competitive sports
fun- and social things are in focus, "Acro-family"


organisated by sports clubs
competitive sports

Circus acrobats

Cons are focused on profesional educations

Kids- and Youth-Circus acrobats

acrobatic conventions general[]

are grouped according to the above definitions

acrobatic conventions of the free acrobats[]

national conventions

always on the same place in the same country
organized by the local group
no superior organisation
in general they have no common concept which they are following ("one does what one can")

international conventions

spreading of acrobatic in less extensive developed countrys
based of a greater financial budget, it's possible to realized expensive workshops
enhance the contact between acrobats from all over the world
every year in a different country
coordinated by a superior council
arranged autonomous by the local group, Know How and structural support will be given by the superior council if wished

modus operandi[]

ideational base[]

further development on the idea of an international acrobatic convention/assosiation

are there more people who believe in this ideas and are willing to support them?

first talks about structure of the further cooperation

30.03.08 Karlsruhe:  First meeting
- 14. - 17. next meeting of the organisation group in Räterschen/Winterthur Switzerland at the acrobatic meeting there
-- probably Saturday evening
- the InAcrCo should take place one week, like Köngen. it should be a combination of acrobatic and a lot of alternative
possibilities, a mixture of relaxing time, acrobatic an holiday
- In the workshops should acro-teacher teach acro-teacher, that means high to highest niveau, also pedagogy and 
trainingstructures should be teached
- finding low cost transport posiblities (especially for the 1. Internationale Akrobatik Convention in Croatia)
- should be something special not another "normal" meeting
- possibly a tv-documentary about the 1. Internationale Akrobatik Convention in Croatia
- contacting Deth or Fons (www.akrobatiek.net ) in the Netherlands


list of contact persons

Eric Sherbin, Stockholm, Sweden
Wybren Wouda, Switzerland
Jasper Herman, Berlin, Germany
James Bonet, Stockholm, Sweden
Ralf List, Darmstadt, Germany
René Rexer, Karlsruhe, Germany


inside the working team
to the national and international acrobaticszene

development of a strategy[]

short term


medium term


long term


long term agenda[]

define structures

initally a loose association
later on perhaps an european acrobatic association?

short term realization

finding possible places (e.g.: Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany)
promotion at the 1. Internationale Akrobatik Convention in croatia
informaiton hour there at one day
present the next place for the 2. InAcrCo

medium term realization

till autumn: further development of the strategy paper / conzept
define a network, options: 
:mailing list
:define the organisation- and coordinationstructure untill the 2. InAcrCo

long term realization