19-25 August 2013

We would like to invite you the third acrobatics conventino in Bosnia-Herzegovina!

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Bosnian pyramide

Rehearsing the pyramids in Krupa for the show in Banja Luka on Friday night

Between steep mountains and crystal blue rivers we are going to spend five days in the sun together doing acrobatics. In a set-up which you might know from Dutch and German acrobatics festivals, we'll have acrobatics workshops on various levels, camp, swim, play, go out, etc.

We will camp 25km south of Banja Luka, which is in the North of the country, 3 hours by road from Zagreb (Croatia). These five days of Bosnian acrobatics can, for example, be the adventurous part of your summer holidays on the Croatian coast :)

You might remember the First International Acrobatics Convention which was held in 2008 on the isle of Korčula in Croatia. Since then, more groups in the region have started to practice circus skills. However, most of these groups work mainly on aerial acrobatics and juggling. There is still a world to win with acrobatics as we know it (or “akrobalans” in the local language).

As the social-economic situation in the Balkans is not the same as in Western Europe, and we would like to offer the opportunity to participants from regional countries to be able to participate as much in workshops and volunteering as “Western” acrobats can, we plan to have two different tariffs, we hope you understand. Anyway, to West European standards, the Balkans are inexpensive, so you don't need to worry too much about the price.

For the festival we are of course looking for people who can give workshops on any level. If you want to give more then a few workshops, please contact us. We aim to have mostly acrobatics, but we're open to aerial, theatre, yoga, parcour, juggling, etc.

If you want to be kept informed about the festival, drop us a mail. Otherwise well be sending out a more detailed call in a few months.

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